Do you dream of clean lines, sunsets, and genuine love stories? Well then, you and I are a lot alike, my friend. Ever since I was little, I have had the overwhelming desire to capture fleeting moments. You know, those ones where you wish you could bottle them up and remember them forever. Human emotion and connection has always been so interesting to me, especially if they are near a body of water.

I fostered my creativity in the photo department of InStyle magazine as well as a bustling photo studio in New York City. I choose to see the world through the lens of golden hour light and thoughtful compositions that draw your eye right where I want it to go. I listen to your personal love story and pay attention when the moments are unfolding before me. 

I carry a medium format film camera as well as a digital one. With these two mediums, similar to oil paint and acrylic, I am able to fully illustrate your story through timeless photographs, undisturbed by trends and clutter. 

My purpose is to create photographs out of the beautiful times in your life and turn them into heirlooms that you'll look back on fondly. This is my life's work and greatest passion. I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Jessa Schifilliti

Artist's Statement

Career Path : B.S. S.I. Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse University | Major in Creative Advertising, Minor in Sociology | Color Film Studies at International School of Photography | Internships at InStyle magazine & Giorgio Armani | Assistant, Photography Studio in New York City | Entrepreneur since 2012

shif-ill-etti - rhymes with confetti


Favorite cocktail

Chips + Guacamole


McGee + Co.


White T-Shirt + Jeans


Old Hollywood

inspired by

The Beach

preferred office

my favorite Things

My family is from a little Greek island called Mytilini and I live in a little New Jersey town by the ocean. For these reasons—plus being born a Pisces, one of the astrological water signs— I am drawn to water towns around the world.

My Top 5 Coastal Towns:
1. Tulum (Pictured)
2. Santorini
3. Lagos 
4. Big Sur
5. My town in New Jersey

homebody at heart, with the occasional wanderlust


Traveling the world, I have tried all different cuisines, and it always comes back to fish tacos, margaritas, and guacamole.



Brian, Wes, Miles and our dog Moose are my favorite people. We created a home inspired by all things California-coast. The use of clean lines and approachable, elevated designs translates directly to my photography.

i live in a bungalow with MY FAMILY OF BOYS


Family heirlooms come in all shapes and sizes. From your grandmother's precious cocktail ring, to a linen album of photographs, it is your duty to pass things on to generations to come.

Planners are heroes and should wear capes! They will make your wedding day run smoothly so you and your family can enjoy the celebration.

Your wedding day will fly by and it will feel like a dream. It is my job to fill in the blanks so you can see your day unfold from all perspectives.


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"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been  the two most beautiful words in the English language."

—Henry James