Ten years and 150+ weddings around the globe later, I have created a formula to capture every moment of a wedding day, while also leaving room for creativity and spontaneity. Every single wedding is different, but just like dancing, a skilled professional can anticipate a moment before it even happens. In this world of Pinterest, Instagram, and an overflow of inspiration, I wanted to create pillars in my business to always stay rooted in what is truly important. Just like the white, clean-lined pillars of ancient Greece, the beautiful country where my family is from, a business with structure and balance can stand the test of time. Here are the foundations of every wedding I capture to create timeless imagery:

"All that remains is the love and light that is captured in a single photograph."

Each year, I will be making a considerable donation to Surf Rider Foundation. Surf Rider is a charity that is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches. The ocean is our true happy place, so it's the perfect partnership. 

Having purpose and giving back

third pillar:

Taking time to get to know your family and creating meaningful portraits of your loved ones is something I strive to do at each and every wedding.  Creating handmade heirlooms such as linen-bound albums to pass down through generations is a true passion of mine.

Loved ones and heirlooms

second pillar:

Through a blend of careful preparation and in-the-moment creativity, I create stories that are unique to each and every wedding day. your color choices and aesthetic are all taken into careful consideration as I know how much thought is put into every detail.

Creating story and meaning

first pillaR:

Jessa Schifilliti is passionate about elevated, coastal-life occasions—especially the modern wedding day. Our clients share our passion for meaningful details, buttery natural light, and genuine moments. Jessa focuses her time on a select number of weddings each year since each wedding is a true collaboration between her Clients, Planner, and the rest of the Creative team. 

Wedding Photography


Experience / Investment

Jessa loves to dedicate the full weekend to your celebration - becoming fully immersed in your family and documenting the weekend as it unfolds. By collaborating closely with your planner, a story develops through color choices, design elements, your unique love story, and the spontaneous moments that transpire.…all amongst the backdrop of the most stunning landscapes of the world.

destination events


Experience / Investment

From engagement sessions and anniversaries to maternity and families, Jessa Schifilliti is ready to capture every season of life. Your most beautiful memories will be made into timeless family heirlooms through our lens of simple composition, heartfelt emotion, and soft golden light. 

portrait sessions


Experience / Investment

and more...






BRIDES magazine

cottage hill

I have had the absolute honor to be featured in the most renowned publications on newstands, blogs, and instagram feeds. Thank you, for everything. 

Press & Praise

INTERVIEWS + Education:

The Hybrid Co., Breakout speaker 2020
Tea with Jaine, Podcast

Jessa is truly a talented, down-to-earth, client-oriented wedding professional. She captured all of the big and small moments of our wedding and engagement shoot perfectly and really helped make our wedding day run smoothly.  I could go on and on about how much I loved having Jessa as our wedding photographer. She is such a rock star and her work ethic really shows how much she loves what she does.

“Jessa makes the day carefree for the bride and groom!”

— lisa + VIRAK

It’s a big decision in choosing a wedding photographer for your big day. Maybe one of the biggest decisions. Especially if you're someone like me who has always been obsessed with capturing special memories with photos. Jessa listened to our vision and from there it was in her hands to bring it to life—and she absolutely delivered. We felt at ease on our special day and have the most amazing photos to share and look back on to relive it. Everyone has not stopped commenting on our photos and we truly can relive our day through them. Jessa was such a special and big part of our day.

“Jessa listened to our vision and absolutely brought it to life.”

— Kristen + Gerard

Dream Client

To be honest, it's simple—to find a couple who is in love with the coast as much as I am. I just can't get enough.

Jessa was a dream to work with! I knew from our first chat that she was the perfect fit for our wedding weekend - every interaction and experience leading up to the wedding was very professional, personal and extremely organized (which as a Virgo I love and appreciate)! She captured the weekend beautifully and her attention to detail exceeded my expectations. Many guests said they didn't even realize the photographers were there which is the best compliment. I could not be more thrilled with the final product - the lighting, angles, candid moments - she truly captured it all and it is so fun to relive every minute!

“Jessa's attention to detail exceeded my expectations.”


Jessa has such a creative eye that cannot be matched. After meeting Jessa for the first time, we immediately knew we needed to book with her. She is such a genuine and passionate person and this shows even more through her extremely beautiful work. We love that Jessa has a boutique-style approach and truly focuses on each couple. She truly cares about all the little (yet very important) details that each bride pours their heart into. I am SO in love with the images she captured. I cannot recommend Jessa enough. She will be the BEST decision you make for your wedding.

“Jessa has a boutique-style approach and truly focuses on each couple.”

— jess + rob




Let's make this official...


"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been  the two most beautiful words in the English language."

—Henry James