A Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session with Susan & Taylor


February 26, 2016

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As I sit sipping coffee in my hotel room on the day of Susan & Taylor’s wedding, I am so looking forward to all that is going to unfold later today. I am in the beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona which is funny because I grew up in the same small town as Susan hundreds of miles away in New York state. Susan went to college in Minnesota where she eventually met Taylor. Taylor is originally from Arizona, so that’s why we are all here today on this Sunny February day.

Even though Susan & Taylor have built a home and a life together in Minnesota, Susan still feels connected to the state she grew up in. So, last June, I met these two on the Brooklyn Bridge where they have taken walks together before. I really loved all the colors in this engagement session and Susan’s vision was perfection! I had fun creating a little bouquet for the basket and even my teal cruiser made an appearance! Hope you love scrolling through these images as much and I loved capturing them…you can read more about S&T’s love story right here

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  1. Meredith Sledge says:

    Oh my gosh STOP! These are SO good! You need to submit these to a blog!!!

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